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【Monero issue price is how much】Marilyn Monroe's Coin Wallet: A Piece of Art without Blockchain or Blockchain

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Marilyn Monroe's Coin Wallet - A Piece of Art Without Blockchain or Blockchain

This article will tell you how a Marilyn Monroe's Coin Wallet will be auctioned off at the NFT Artwork Auction and stored on the Ethernity Chain. The piece of art will be a "receipt in the sky."

Marilyn Monroe's coin wallet is a piece of art without Blockchain or Blockchain

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic pop-culture icons of all time, and her coin wallet is no different. She embraced individuality and pursued her passions at a time when few women had the chance. Today, her work continues to inspire generations, and her name and likeness transcends cultures. As a result, she has partnered with luxury brands and mass-market companies alike.

Using a blockchain to manage her intellectual property rights is a great way to protect and preserve the past, while also preserving her legacy for future generations. Her image has fetched millions of dollars for the legal owners, and this year, she was the 13th highest-paid dead celebrity in the world. This makes her the only woman on this list, alongside other notables like Prince,Monero how to trade Baidu , Muhammad Ali, and Elvis Presley.

It will be auctioned off at NFT Artwork Auction

The NFT Artwork Auction will feature a coin wallet that belonged to Marilyn Monroe,Xieqiang 5118 mining Monero , one of the most iconic women of the 20th century. The auction is a collaboration between Authentic Brands Group, which owns the intellectual property rights to the actress, and Ethernity Chain, a non-fungible token company. The two companies are already official licensors of celebrities such as Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley.

The NFT Artwork Auction will also feature a digital art collection, Mstaverse: Digital Twins, featuring the works of Argentinian designer Andres Reisinger. The works of art are a metaphor for virtual technology. The artworks are exhibited in the Neal Digital Gallery, which has over 200 NFT works with a total value of almost $10 million.

It will be stored on Ethernity Chain

The Ethernity Chain is a blockchain-based platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs and trading cards. The project partners with public figures from several industries, including Lionel Messi, Muhammad Ali, Pele, and Marilyn Monroe. Nick Rose, the founder of Ethernity, is one of the people behind the project. He has previously worked with companies such as Kinetic, Market Across, and Black Edge Capital.

The Ethernity Chain is a blockchain based on the Ethereum platform. Its NFTs feature artwork from various artists, which is curated using non-fungible tokens. The project also includes a curated collection of artworks from the ABG, which controls the intellectual property rights for Monroe. The company has partnered with Ethernity to "eternize" the memory of Marilyn Monroe.